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If there is a floor that is growing in popularity these days it is a Polished Concrete floor.  They are not only in demand for Industrial floors but we also regularly do Polished Concrete floors for residential customers, retail, commercial pretty much every type of customer you can think of.

Some of the benefits of a Polished Concrete Floor

Our Technicians

Each of our team members undergoes specialized training before working on a customer’s floor.  For that reason we employ what we consider the best polished concrete service technicians in Boca Raton FL.

Our Technique

Number one we use the best equipment on the market today.  If your floor needs to be leveled because the original flooring contractor may have done a poor job of prepping your floors our machines can get the job done.  At this point we will start to grind the floor looking to get a uniform look throughout the whole floor.  This can sometimes take quite a bit of time but it is an essential step in getting the nicest floor possible.  We continue to grind the floor with multiple pads until we get to the point where we densify or harden the floor.  Most concrete will crack and chip after a few years by hardening the floor the life of the floor can really be infinite if cared for properly.

We continue to grind and polish the floor until we get to the point where we will be sealing it.  We use the best sealer on the market and will seal the floor multiple times.  By doing this the floor can withstand pretty much any type of liquid spill.

If you are considering a Polished concrete floor for your home or business give us a call or send us an email.  We will take a look at your concrete floor and give you an idea of what to expect in regards to the finished product.

Types of Finishes

When installing a Polished Concrete floor one of your considerations will be the level of gloss (or shine) that you will want your floor to have. When deciding what gloss level you prefer it really just comes down to a personal preference, however you might also want to consider what is easier
to maintain.

Matted Finish

The matted finish is the more industrial/rustic look that is used in many retail shops and other commercial flooring.  It is very easy to maintain and won’t show dirt or dust very easily.

Semi-Gloss Finish

The semi-gloss is very  popular  as it still has great shine, but is easier to keep looking clean than the high gloss.

High-Gloss Finish

The high gloss finish is the head turning option for people who are after that wow factor and it lends itself to high end and glamorous homes and offices. Although it does require a bit more maintenance as it can be a bit obvious when your floor isn’t spotless – this small point is often totally outweighed by the completely stunning overall look.

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