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Parkland is very nice city located in Northwestern part of Broward County.  It is considered somewhat higher end as far as real estate prices are concerned and in planning the city the idea was to create a parklike atmosphere for the city as a whole.  It is also known for the deadliest high school shooting on record in the US when 17 high school students were killed in 2017.  Epoxy Specialist is centrally located in the community and serves its residents with top-of-the-line Epoxy coating services.

If you live in the city of Parkland, consider Epoxy Specialist if you are considering an Epoxy Coating job or a Polished Concrete floor.

Premium Epoxy Coating services in Parkland FL

Pool Deck Coatings

I would assume a good majority of the homes in parkland have pools. Pool decks with acrylic coatings add extra sparkle to any pool deck.  If you want a colored textured deck that is slip resistant and safe contact Epoxy Specialist today.

Garage Floor Coatings

When most people are considering epoxy for their garage most are looking at the chip flake design.  This is for obvious reasons they are durable, long lasting and very attractive.  However, at Epoxy Specialist we know that everyone is different and some of our customers prefer a metallic epoxy for their garage floor.  A polished concrete floor or a stained polished concrete floor is also very popular for our parkland customers.

Stained Concrete

To be candid when we are doing stained concrete floor, we never really know what the end result is going to be.  I guess that is part of the appeal.  #1 depending on the stain that a customer chooses we do not really know how the stain is going to react when it hits the floor.  # 2 the final look of the floor is somewhat dependent upon the condition of the concrete floor that we are staining.  But I can say that some of the most beautiful floors we have created here at Epoxy Specialist are stained concrete floors.

Polished Concrete

To describe a polished concrete floor in just a few words would be tough against stains, a unique look that will pretty much last forever making it a very appealing alternative whenever a customer is considering redoing their floor.  That applies to retail outlets, showrooms, warehouses or residential locations.  

Patio Coatings

For the patio area most of our customers choose our polyaspartic coating product the first reason being it is UV resistant (will not fade or yellow from the sunlight) and it is also slip resistant making it perfect for patio.

Concrete Coatings

Whether you are coating a garage or a house or maybe even a business a Concrete Coating is making more and more sense to more and more people. It will look good, be durable and easy to maintain and on top of that it will be an affordable floor.

Industrial Coatings

More and more owners of Industrial buildings do not see plain concrete as an option for their floors.  Number one a concrete floor will degrade over time, they are normally unsealed (meaning they will stain easily) and will normally have foundation cracks which will end up looking worse and worse over time.

Why choose Epoxy Specialist?

When you need a concrete coating that looks great and will last for decades give us a call. We are committed to customer satisfaction and have become a trusted name in the city of Parkland.

We are a family owned and operated business in Parkland and you can trust us to provide.

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