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Enhance the look of your work area with Industrial Coatings!

With the advancement in science and technology, there are innovations taking place across all industries. And that includes flooring! Industrial floors have come a long way from plain old linoleum or Ceramic Tile; now you can get an epoxy coating that is durable and easy to maintain with vibrant colors for maximum effect on any work area – whether it’s manufacturing area or a storage area.

Grind and Seal Floor

Industrial Coatings

An affordable option for an industrial floor is what is called a Grind and Seal Floor which is exactly what it is.  With this type of floor, we grind the floor with a commercial floor grinder and then seal it with an industrial sealer.  What you will get is a clean functional floor that will be easy to maintain and long lasting at a very affordable price.

Epoxy Floor Maintenance

Industrial Coatings

The key reasons why Epoxy floors are becoming so popular for Industrial Flooring is the combination of (they just look good) along with the ease of maintenance.

Durable and Long Lasting

Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings or Industrial epoxy floor coating is ideal for areas where the floors are subject to heavy duty work. A major reason epoxy floors are becoming so popular in Industrial settings is it’s imperviousness towards stains which means spills won’t be an issue! Not only does our industrial grade Epoxies have a nice shiny finish but they are easy to clean up as well. And if you compare our industrial grade epoxies to the floor paint sold in the big box home improvement stores, we will save businesses money in the long run. Our Industrial grade products will last much longer than the paints sold in the big box home improvement stores and will be easy to keep looking good for the life of the floor.

Very Durable

An Epoxy floor is ideal for any industrial business and it will keep it’s new look for a long time.


Epoxy Flooring is inexpensive to have installed and inexpensive to maintain.

Chemical Resistant

Some floors can be ruined with a spill  of any kind but especially a chemical spill. Epoxy floors are built to last.

Good looks

You have a number of options when it comes to epoxy floors so chances are you will find a floor you find attractive.

Safety Issues

Epoxy floors can be anti-skid fire resistant and impact resistant. Making them ideal for an industrial setting.

Choice of Colors

You do have your choice of colors when it comes to epoxy flooring.

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