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Coral Springs is beautiful town west of Fort Lauderdale and is known for being a great place to raise a family. It has tree lined streets and an abundance of restaurants and bars.  

Coral Springs homeowners know how to make their homes look great. And more often than not turn to Epoxy Specialist to improve the looks of their home and businesses.  With years of experience, we can turn your garage floor from old and damaged eyesore to an eye-catching part of the house.  We can transform your homes boring flooring into a work or art that will last a long, long time.

Premium Epoxy Coating services in Coral Springs, FL

Many homeowners and business owners in Coral Springs have recognized the benefits of upgrading their flooring to Epoxy and they are happy with the decision.  Whatever the project you can rest assured we will be using the highest quality materials that will be sure to last a long time and look good during that time.

Some of our company’s services in Coral Springs include:

Pool Deck Coatings

Are you unhappy with the looks of your pool deck?  Maybe you have a concrete pool deck and it is becoming an eyesore.  An attractive alternative would be a Polyaspartic concrete coating that is slip resistant and will not yellow from the sun.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings

If you have a commercial property in Coral Springs and you want a floor that is easy to maintain and will continue to look good and at the same time can withstand heavy foot traffic an epoxy floor is a great option.  And let’s face it if you own a business having a nice floor is essential, everybody notices your floors and an epoxy floor is a great alternative.

Epoxy Garage Flooring

Let’s face it the first step towards making your garage another room in the house is an upgrade with the flooring.  A concrete floor has really no chance of looking appealing given the harsh conditions that a garage offers.  Our industrial strength epoxies are built to last under the toughest of conditions. And conditions do not get much tougher than the typical Coral Springs garage.

Epoxy Flooring

No matter what room of the house you are thinking of changing the flooring epoxy would make a great alternative.  The reason is there are so many different types of epoxy from metallic to chip flake to a base color. It only makes sense that you will find what you are looking for. With epoxy you won’t have to worry about those unsightly grout lines that tend to grow dirtier and dirtier over time.

Stained Concrete

Sleek and stylish is the best way to describe a stained polished concrete floor.  Not only that but it will tend to hold up better over time than most other floors meaning it will continue to look good over time with a minimal amount of maintenance.

Polished Concrete

A polished concrete floor is a stained concrete floor without the stain.  The only part of the process that we leave out is the staining part.  The bottom line is it will be just as maintenance friendly as a stained concrete floor.  The major difference is the look as a polished concrete floor without the stain. Cause it tends to be a bit more industrial looking as opposed to a stained concrete floor which has more of an elegant look to it.  

Industrial Epoxy Floor coatings

When I walk into a lot of industrial business settings, I tend to see a lot of plain unpolished concrete floors.  After a period of time a concrete floor will be unsightly.  Let’s face it a concrete floor is meant to be covered with something with epoxy being a great alternative.  It tends to last longer and look good for a long long time.

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