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Concrete Coatings Brief Reviews

First of all, a plain concrete floor is not really a usable floor on a longer-term basis.  Most are unsealed which means it is going to get increasingly worse looking over time. Plus, if the concrete floor is weak, it can throw off dust which can be frustrating and definitely is not good for your respiratory system.

So, a homeowner or a business owner has two options you can either cover the floor or coat it.  Here at Epoxy Specialist, we do have a few options when coating a floor, we can use epoxy or we could use a Polyaspartic floor coating.  The overall appearance will be the same whether you use Epoxy or a Polyaspartic.  The main difference between the two is a Polyaspartic Coating is UV friendly so it is recommended for patio or any installation that will be done outdoors.

Our Concrete Coatings Service

If your concrete floors are starting to look a bit run down, maybe there are racks or holes or stains or all of the above. Now might be the time to consider a Concrete Floor Coating. We have experience coating virtually any residential or commercial location from multimillion dollar homes to your average warehouse that you just want to spruce up.

Our Coatings will last for Decades

Concrete Coatings

At we only use the best of the best products whether we coat your floors with an Epoxy or a Polyaspartic. You can rest assured that our products will stand the test of time.

Slip Resistant and Surface Cooling

Concrete Coatings

If you are looking to coat an outdoor surface maybe a pool deck or even just a patio slip and fall accidents can happen.  Especially with a slippery concrete floor.  Our Polyaspartic floors are slip resistant.  Plus, they can lower the temperature by 10 to 20 degrees so no more burning your feet in our blazing hot Florida summers.

Resurfacing the floor

Concrete Coatings

If you have a concrete floor whether it is a patio a pool deck or a warehouse over time they will naturally look worse and worse.  As part of our process, we repair any damages on the floor such as cracks or holes giving you a smooth level finish.

Endless Design Possibilities

Concrete Coatings

With Epoxy floors you have virtually an endless array of different colors styles and textures to choose from. It would be hard to imagine someone not finding a design or color that does not appeal to theme.

Residential Epoxy Flooring

Concrete Coatings

Why are more and more homeowners turning to epoxy coatings for their next floor?  The depth and luster of a Metallic Epoxy floor can brighten interior rooms and give all of your rooms a look and feel of luxury.

Epoxy floors have been featured in Architectural Digest where designers and homeowners rave about the endless looks that Metallic epoxy can give them.

concrete coatings
concrete coatings
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