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Whatever business you own means a lot to you.  When you think about the first thing a customer will notice in your building, whether it is an office or a retail store more often than not it is going to be the floors.  

 The bottom line is as a business owner you want to put your best foot forward which means that you will want your floors to be pristine.

The bottom line is whatever business you own we have a floor that will fit your needs, from a base color to a metallic to a chip flake we definitely have a floor that will work for you.

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We are proud to work in Palm Beach and Broward counties including the following cities.

We only install the highest quality Epoxy Coating and Polyaspartic Coatings at your business.  If you are ready to get rid of your old worn-out floor and wow your customers and provide safer work environment for your employees with slip resistant flooring give us a call or fill out one of the contact forms and send it in to us and we will get back to you.

We provide top quality epoxy flooring for the following industries.

Epoxy Floors (Popular for a reason)

Commercial Coatings

For Commercial businesses of every type of floor whatever floor they choose will have drawbacks. More and more business owners are beginning to realize that industrial grade epoxy floors have less drawbacks than others. Keeping a floor looking good is important for most businesses and epoxy floor are easy to keep looking good. Lets face it no floor is going to last forever but Epoxy floors tend to last and stay looking good for a long time. 

They are easy to clean and it a liquid is spilled on an epoxy floor it will not leave a stain unlike many if not most other types of floors used in commercial businesses. In addition to that there are so many colors and styles to choose from that a business owner is sure to find a style or color that will appeal to them.

Our Anti-Slip floors are perfect for Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Coatings

If you run or manage a large commercial kitchen, I am sure you appreciate the need for flooring that is very resistant to heavy stains and at the same time is anti-slip. Not only that we could typically do our kitchen floor installations in as little as a day.  

Retail Store Floor Coatings

Commercial Coatings

If you run a retail store you not only need a floor that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also a floor that is anti-slip. For that reason, more and more retail stores are turning to epoxy floors for their next floor. From our base color epoxy floors to metallic floors retail stores of all types can find the style and color they like with an epoxy floor.

Kennel Floor and Veterinary Clinic Coatings

Commercial Coatings

Let’s face it if there is a business type that really does damage to floors it is Kennels and Veterinary clinics. Our little furry friends are not always potty trained and they will tend to shed. What most owners of Kennels and Veterinary Clinics have found is Epoxy floors are perfect for their businesses. Ease of maintenance makes Epoxy floors the perfect floors for these businesses.

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Scheduling a commercial coating at your place of business sounds like a big deal but we know you want the work done quickly so you could get back to work. We understand that and will work with your schedule. We also use the best equipment and have installed over a million square foot of epoxy floors in Broward and Palm Beach counties which means we do the work right and get it done quickly at the same time. 

So now may be the time to transform your Commercial space and install a new commercial coating. We back our work up with a 15 year warranty so you do not have to worry about the floor chipping, peeling or blistering. Businesses throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties have turned to Epoxy Specialist for their commercial floor coating. When business owners in South Florida are looking to upgrade their floors with a new epoxy floor Epoxy Specialist is the business they turn to.

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