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Epoxy Specialist

Get rid of your old stained cracked concrete floors and replace it with our Beautiful and Functional Epoxy Coatings, backed by our 15-year written warranty.

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    Epoxy Specialist provides a 15-year limited warranty for every Concrete floor coating project we complete.   If there is any chipping, peeling, or blistering we will come out and fix it for free. Not a penny will come out of your pocket. At Epoxy Specialist, we use the highest grade, industrial strength floor coatings.

    Premium Garage Epoxy Floor Services in Boca Raton Florida

    Epoxy Specialist

    We are committed to providing service of the highest quality!

    Epoxy Specialist

    At Epoxy Specialist our priority is to provide our customers with high-quality Garage Epoxy Floor that will add value to your home.  We only use the highest quality Industrial Epoxies and put a tremendous focus on floor preparation employing the use of large Concrete Grinders which is a key to a long-lasting durable floor.  We offer a variety of colors and styles from solid colors to chip flake which will give your floor a terrazzo or granite look.  If you want a floor with a wow factor, we offer metallic epoxy. Many of our jobs can be completed in as little as a day.  When finished you will have a floor with a showroom quality finish that will be durable and easy to clean and will last for many years.
    Epoxy Specialist Garage Floor

    Give your Garage a showroom like floor. Our epoxy floor Will look fantastic and can be installed in a day.

    Maybe it’s time to give your patio a makeover with a new epoxy coating. It will look great and last for years.

    Epoxy Specialist Garage Floor Epoxy

    Turn your garage into another into another room in the house with a new epoxy floor. Many different styles and colors to choose from including metallic, Chip Flake and solid base colors.

    Epoxy Specialist Home Concrete Coating

    More and more people are realizing concrete coatings make sense. It will look better and and not degrade over time like concrete.

    Epoxy Specialist Home Commercial Coatings

    Epoxy Floors are becoming the go-to floor for many Commercial businesses. From the ease of maintenance to no grout lines many business owners are turning to epoxy for their floors.

    Epoxy Specialist Home Industrial Coatings

    Many owners of Industrial buildings are realizing that epoxy floors make sense. They are durable, attractive, and will last for many years.

    Epoxy Specialist Home Polished Concrete

    Give your bland concrete a sleek finished look. Not only will it look great but it is durable and very easy to maintain.

    Epoxy Specialist Home Polished Concrete

    If you want to give a polished concrete floor an elegant look add a stain to the finish. Stained concrete not is beautiful but it also durable and long long lasting.


    Epoxy Specialist

    Step 1

    Grind the Floor

    Grind floor to the correct profile to ensure maximum adhesion.

    Step 2

    Repair Floor

    Patch all cracks and holes in floor.

    Step 3

    Broadcast Coat

    Apply basecoat and at the same time broadcast Vinyl Chips

    Step 4

    Clean and Scrape Floor

    With a blower. Remove chips that did not bind to floor then scrape the floor to remove the rest of the chips that did not bind.

    Step 5


    Apply topcoat sealing the floor.

    Epoxy Specialist

    Highly Durable

    High Performance Epoxy resins make epoxy flakes very durable and slip resistant. It is the perfect floor for garages as well as Industrial and Commercial facilities.

    Epoxy Specialist

    Easy to clean

    Epoxy floors are easy to keep looking relatively new. They are definitely low maintenance and hassle free.

    Epoxy Specialist


    15 Year Warranty

    Epoxy Floors last a long time and look good for a long time, as we stand by our work for many years.

    Epoxy Specialist


    Epoxy Specialist

    Chip Flake Epoxy

    Epoxy Specialists Chip Flake Epoxy

    Epoxy Specialist

    Solid Epoxy

    Epoxy Specialists Solid Epoxy

    Epoxy Specialist

    Metallic Epoxy

    Epoxy Specialists Metallic Epoxy

    Epoxy Specialist

    3D Epoxy

    epoxy 3d

    Epoxy Specialist

    Why you should get your garage epoxy floor installed by a professional?

    There are quite a few different options when it comes to Garage Epoxy Floor. You can find DIY products and kits in many big-box retail stores typically used in handyman installations. None of these products stand up to or share some of the critical benefits of professional-grade epoxy systems which are installed by professionals:

    ·        Extreme Floor durability which is resistant to

    cracking, stains, chemicals and abrasions

    ·        Protection from petrochemicals and oil.  It is an easy

    clean with either soap and water or simple green and water.

    ·        Most water-based epoxies sold in retail stores

    are really no better than semigloss paint.

    ·        Industrial based epoxies are made of resin/pigment

    and hardener when mixed they harden and form a very durable coating.

    ·        Endless design possibilities and colors which include logos and patterns. 

    ·        Slip resistant coatings improve safety. 


    More about Epoxy Flooring

    Liquid epoxy resin was invented in 1948 by Dr. Sylvan O. Greenlee and is now one of the most favored floors of all kinds. Epoxy Floor Coatings come in two parts a resin and a hardener. The two parts are mixed thoroughly before an installation and when mixed correctly will create a floor that is exceptionally hard. In fact, Epoxy is three times harder than concrete. Epoxy is very resistant to wear, cracking, peeling, corrosion and damage from chemical and environmental degradation. Once cured, epoxy is moisture resistant.

    Commercial Expoxy

    Epoxy is becoming a favored floor in many industries and can be applied to any substrate. Commercial Epoxy is not only very durable and attractive but unlike most other surfaces is non-porous so it tends to keep its attractiveness for a long period of time. Commercial epoxy is a perfect flooring option for warehouses, airport hangars, showrooms as well as industrial buildings. If an area has heavy floor traffic an epoxy floor is ideal.

    Residential Expoxy

    Many homeowners are discovering epoxy and is quickly becoming as a flooring option to consider in the interior of the house. Metallic epoxy comes in an endless number of colors and patterns while our 3-D epoxy floors will give any floor the ultimate ‘wow ‘factor. A 3-D epoxy floor is not like having painted vinyl under your feet as an epoxy 3D floor gives the perception of depth. With that being the case residential epoxy is becoming a go-to floor for many homeowners

    Chip Systems

    Because of its strength, durability and attractiveness epoxy has become the primary garage flooring option for many homeowners. With our chip system floors the chips we use are heavy duty vinyl so they add a great deal of strength and durability to any garage floor. With a partial chip floor, we use a colored epoxy basecoat with vinyl chips mixed into the base coat. With our full-coverage chip floor we use a colored base coat and fully cover the floor with chips and when the epoxy floor hardens we apply a transparent topcoat. The partial chip floor is the more affordable option for garage flooring.
    Epoxy floors are affordable and in regards to maintenance are very easy to maintain. A dust mop and a mop and water is all it takes to keep an epoxy floor looking clean and shiny. More often than not when Boca Raton residents are thinking of Epoxy Flooring Boca Raton they always consider Epoxy Specialist.
    Do you have more questions? We have many of our recent jobs pictured throughout our website. So if you are considering Epoxy Flooring consider Epoxy Specialist your Epoxy Flooring Contractor Boca Raton. For a free estimate call us at 561-414-1505.

    Frequently Ask Questions

    First of all, after a while even if you take good care of it concrete floors they will tend to degrade over time. Most concrete floors have cracks, holes or stains and will end up looking worse and worse over time. With a professionally installed epoxy floor your floor will be protected from the elements and you will have an easy to clean beautiful floor.

    Even though an epoxy floor might have a glass like finish it will be no slipperier than a concrete floor. If the slipperiness of the floor is a major concern slip resistant additives can be added to the floors topcoat that will add another level of traction to the floor.

    The good news is an epoxy floor is a very easy floor to clean and to keep looking like new. You can use a dust mop or even a leaf blower if the epoxy floor is a garage floor to get rid do the dirt. You can then mop the floor with ammonia and water. We recommend not using soap and water as it could leave film on the floor which will take away some of its shine.

    The most common place to use epoxy is the garage. As a side note the most common comment from customer’s after they apply an epoxy coating to their garage floor is it is like adding another room to their house. But reality is an Epoxy floor can be installed and used in any room of a house or business. Also an epoxy floor requires less maintenance than tile vinyl or marble and should keep the ‘new look’ for a longer period of time.

    No, an epoxy floor can be installed over most types of surfaces including concrete and tile.


    “From the initial contact to the completion of the project Chris made the process very easy. Chris worked with us on the phone and via email to ensure all our questions were answered before we agreed to the job. The work was completed well ahead of schedule and the installers were professional, courteous, and Chris skills and knowledge of the project was outstanding. We could not be happier and have recommended them without reservation.”

    Joe,C Weston Epoxy Specialist Customer

    “My Garage looks outstanding! I definetely would recommend Epoxy Specialists.”

    Ron M Jupiter Epoxy Specialist Customer

    “Great job! My floors look fantastic.”

    John, Lauderdale By the Sea Epoxy Specialist Customer